A Look Into Samsung’s Level In Headphones

Samsung’s Level In Headphones

The headphones offered by Samsung under the Level brand are certainly a step up into the company’s game. These are headphones that are of premium quality, and it is something that Samsung can definitely be proud of. Under the Level brand are four headphones: Level Over, Level In, Level On, and Level Box. The quality of these audio products from Samsung is remarkable, both in terms of design and sound.




The good points:

  • In-ear headphones that are smaller in size are increasingly becoming popular. More people are starting to prefer these smaller audio sets because they are comfortable to wear and are also very portable. The Level In is a very good fit for people with this kind of preference.
  • Aesthetically speaking, the Level In headphones – as well as the other headphones in the Level brand – are awesome. Samsung’s Level brand looks polished and nice.
  • If you are a Samsung smartphone user, the Level In headphones would look well with it. There are two colors available: one is white and silver, while the other is black. The white variant has a chrome plastic surrounding the earbuds and buttons, and a silver plastic on the headphone jack. The black variant, meanwhile, uses a black and dark grey plastic.




  • Also on the aesthetics side, the box where the Level In headphones is packaged looks built to last. The box has a magnet to close it. The entire package comes not just with the earphones, but also with extra pairs of earbud tips, also numerous sets of foamy rubber tips, and choice of various sizes for your flexible rubber tips. (Quick tip: the foamy rubber tips are great for comfortable listening, but if you prefer you headphones to have good noise cancellation, then choose the flexible rubber tips). Also in the package is a pouch with a zipper for the headphones and the eartips.
  • For non-audiophiles, the sound quality of the Level In headphones is good. However, it is comparable to the Logitech Ultimate Ears 350vm… which costs much less at only $60.
  • The Level In headphones have a balanced mid range. Also, the bass is very prominent


The not so good points:

  • You’ll have to spend a considerably high amount of money ($149.99!!!) just to acquire the Level In headphones. It is a luxury product, period.
  • It only happens very occasionally for small and in-ear earphones to have a good sound quality, and Samsung is not an exception to this pitfall. Despite Samsung’s claim of its Level In headphones having fine treble and good mid-range sound, it is still difficult for them to fit an amazing audio quality into small headphones.
  • Sound quality is comparable only to in-ear headphones that cost one-third the price of the Level In earphones.
  • The earbuds of the Level In headphones are rather big so it might cause some soreness when used for extended periods of time. This problem is prominent even for users with relatively bigger ears, mostly because the plastic surrounding the earbuds has its way of forcing itself into your ear


The verdict



Samsung’s new line of headphones under the Level series is something that can be looked at in terms of premium look and okay sound. As a user coming from two years of using Logitech Ultimate Ears 350vm, it might be a huge consideration before buying the Level In headphones, mostly because Logitech’s product costs only $60 (and continuously decreasing), whereas Level In costs more than double.


The Level In headphones is an extravagant purchase and will mostly attract those who are die-hard fans of the Samsung brand. This is mostly because the quality provided by Level In is merely as good as what cheaper products have to offer, so those who are on a tight budget are less likely to choose Samsung’s offering.


All in all, the Level In headphones is still great in terms of the listening experience and aesthetics. It’s a beautiful, premium headphone. Worth a try for those with the bucks to spend.


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