A Look at the LG G3

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

LG G3 Review

The LG G3 model currently in hand is one branded by AT&T and is generally for use in the United States. The device is wider than the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy S5, and the HTC One M8. It also has an advantage in terms of screen size – the Note 4 has a 5.7-inch QHD display, while the G3 has a 5.5” QHD display. This is why comparisons between the Galaxy Note 4 and the LG G3 are inevitable.


Samsung has great display technology with its Super AMOLED panel, and there is also a high possibility that it will be using the newest Snapdragon 805 chipset. This will make it a tough competition for the G3. The cost of the two devices, however, could be a significant deciding factor – the Note 4 would most likely cost at least $700 as the Note 3 was priced that much, while the G3 costs $600 and will most likely have a lower price by the time the Note 4 is released in the market. The G3 is still a preferred phone among the three major Android OEMs.


The good points:


  • The ultra-high resolution display has been impressively crammed into a small, 5.5-inch screen. The size is perfect for reading e-mails and articles – it’s not too small and not too big, either. It’s also easier to quickly type on this size.


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  • The KnockOn wakeup feature is still a strong point of LG. Other OEMs such as HTC has tried to copy KnockOn into its own line of devices, but this double-tap, power-on feature still works best with LG. It’s very functional for turning the display on and off, and its implementation in the G3 is even better. The G3 provides you with an easier access to the power button. It’s so easy to grow accustomed to it to the point that you’d keep trying to use it even on other phones such as the Galaxy S5.
  • The rear control buttons received significant improvements from the G2, particularly the power and volume buttons. Both feels more clicky, and the rear-mounted location seems to be more practical. Come to think of it, when you hold you phone, your index finger would naturally be placed against the back. It’s a smart design, and something that is so distinctly LG-made.




  • The G3’s speed is great, like its predecessor. It’s comparable to the HTC One M8 and faster than the Galaxy S5. The device is very responsive to all your commands, though the responsiveness of the homescreen takes a bit longer and navigating the Settings menu can be a bit slow. This assessment, however, based on the current definition of “fast” as provided by the Snapdragon 801, is a bit on shaky ground with the announcement of the Snapdragon 805. But the G3 is generally fast, and it can easily compete with other phones in the market now.
  • The G3 also has great camera.
  • The device has a microSD card slot and a removable battery
  • The speakers are powerful.




The points to improve:


  • The screen has poor quality. The QHD display shipped by LG cannot even be described as okay, probably because of LG’s haste to be the first OEM to release a QHD display for a smartphone. The colors are very flat, it has poor viewing angles, and the brightness, particularly in direct sunlight, is pathetic. The display is very dim, and it doesn’t help that the screen is a magnet for fingerprints. The contrast is also poor. When compared with the Galaxy S5, the Super AMOLED Screen of Samsung is still a much better choice for display.
  • Battery life is not good at all. The unit made specifically for Korea seemed to have a great battery life, but this one certified by AT&T just doesn’t. It’s difficult to last a day without charging, especially when you keep on using the device. The in-use power consumption just seems to be abnormally high. The battery drains very quickly to below 10% in early evening.
  • The G3 also does not support QuickCharge 2.0 technology. Charging through the provided 2A charger, though, is fairly quick at a maximum of 9W – compared to the 10.6W of the Galaxy S5 and the 18W of QuickCharge technology.


To sum it up, the LG is among the best smartphones in the market right now, and the overall experience with the G3 is great.


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