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A Look At the Galaxy Note 3 vs LG G2 vs Xperia Z1 vs Xperia Z Ultra

Last updated: October 14, 2019.

Galaxy Note 3 vs LG G2 vs Xperia Z1 vs Xperia Z Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has finally arrived and Samsung has packed the device with a lot of high-end specs.  How does it compare with some of the others out there?

In this review we look at the specs of four devices – the Galaxy Note 3, LG’s G2 and Sony’s Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra – to see how they stack up in terms of their specs.



  • All four of these devices have what can be considered some of the best displays currently available.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a 5.7inch Full HD Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • The LG G2 has a 5.2-inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 1920×1080 and pixel density of 424 PPI
  • The Sony Xperia Z1 has a 5-inch Full HD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It uses Sony’s Triluminos and X-Reality technology
  • The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has a 6.44-inch Triluminos LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution for a pixel density of 344 ppi.
  • The Sony Xperia Z1 has the smallest display, while the Galaxy Note 3 has the biggest.

Bottom Line: All of the devices offer high-end displays.  The deciding factor would be personal preference.  Some might like the Super AMOLED display’s over-the-top colors, while some might prefer the most natural colors that you can get with an LCD display.  Based on pixel density, however, we’re going to give the Xperia Z1 the win here.


  • All four of these devices have top of the line processors.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE has a 2.3 GHz ‘Quad core’, while the 3G has a 1.9 GHz Octa Core Processor
  • The LG G2 has a Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.3 GHz with an Adreno 330 GPU
  • The Sony Xperia Z1 and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra also use Snapdragon 800 processors, but there’s clock at 2.2 GHz. They also use an Adreno 330 GPU.
  • The Galaxy Note 3 has 3 GB of RAM while the other three all use 2GB of RAM.

Bottom Line: The processing packages and performance of all these devices are more or less similar, but we’re giving the win to the Note 3 here with its 3GB RAM.



  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a 13 MP camera with LED flash in the rear, and a 2MP camera in front. This is similar to what is available in the Galaxy S4 which is a great camera.
  • The LG G2 also features a13 MP rear camera with LED flash, but it gets one over the Note 3 with Optical Image Stabilization.
  • The Xperia Z Ultra has an 8MP rear camera without LED flash.
  • The Xperia Z1 has a 20.7 MP Exmor RS CMOS camera in the rear which used Sony’s G-Lens technology.

Bottom line: It’s currently a tie between the LG G2 and the Xperia Z1 as to who offers the best smartphone camera.


  • The Galaxy Note 3 uses the latest version of TouchWiz Nature UI.
  • It’s runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.
  • The Galaxy Note 3 has the complete feature set of the Galaxy S4 and has a few nice S-Pen features included such as Action Memo, Screen Write, S-Finder, Scrapbook and Pen Window.


  • The LG G2 uses LG’s custom UI.
  • The LG G2 runs Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean.
  • Features included in the LG G2 are Slide Aside, Knock On, and Guest mode.
  • Both the Xperia Z Ultra and the Xperia Z1 use the latest version of Xperia UI.
  • Both the Xperia Z Ultra and the Xperia Z1 run Android 4.2.2
Bottom Line: This one is a tie.  Some might prefer the S-Pen feature and choose the Note 3, but others won’t.


All four of these smartphone are top of the range devices and as there are very few real perceivable differences between them, personal preference will be the deciding factor.

Which one do you prefer?


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