A comparison of the cameras of the Galaxy S6 Edge vs Huawei P8, Honor 6 Plus & HTC One M9

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

The Galaxy S6 Edge vs Huawei P8, Honor 6 Plus & HTC One M9

A recent trip to Malta, gave us the chance to test the capabilities of the camera’s of four smartphones:  the Galaxy S6 Edge vs Huawei P8, Honor 6 Plus & HTC One M9.

We took shots of seventeen scenes using the camera of all four handsets and have included the results below.  As you can see, in daylight to lowlight and night time, with or without crops, these scenes show the capabilities of the cameras.

Scene 1

In Valletta, the capital city of Malta, we took a shot of The Bank of Valletta building. The image is cropped and the scene was taken upwards from the ground.


Scene 2

We took this photo from ground level.  The scene features a still flag and the shot tests the ability of each of the camera’s ability to capture the flag’s colors and position while also capturing the rest of the scene.


Scene 3

This shot shows us the Wembley Store in Valleta


Scene 4

We took the shot of this building with ancient Greek style columns to test the depth of field of each smartphone camera. We wanted to see if it can capture both the detail of the tree in the foreground and the building details and colours in the background


Scene 5

This shot shows the Bibliotheque featuring a statue of Queen Elizabeth at the front.


Scene 6

This scene shows the square which houses the parliamentary building. We wanted to test how much detail a smartphone camera can capture in a wide-angle shot.


Scene 7

The ceiling and chandelier of the Manoel Theatre.


Scene 8

The edge of Valletta where some stunning stone-based architecture looks fantastic.

Scene 9

The outskirts of Malta and the scene of the IFA 2015 GPC Gala Dinner.


Scene 10

In this scene, we can see the palace buildings in the distance.  We wanted to see if the smartphone cameras could still capture details at a distance. We’ve kept the full scene instead of cropping to show how much noise appears in each photo as you zoom in.


Scene 11

An ancient building located high up in the mountains. We wanted to see which smartphone camera  could best capture the finer details.


Scene 12

We wanted to see if the smartphone cameras could capture the detail of the grass fields, the sky and the forests in the background.


Scene 13

A cockroach can be seen just poking out behind the foot of this statue. This is a close-up shot that’s been further cropped.


Scene 14

This building was the scene for our Gala Dinner. This scene is a good test of the colour reproduction capabilities of the cameras.


Scene 15

In this shot of an outdoor arena, we’ve first took a portrait photo from afar and then zoomed in.


Scene 16

The same area as above but taken a few hours later when it was lit up with the IFA red. This is a good test of how each smartphone camera is able to handle a color at night.


Scene 17

The same scene as above, but from the side, where some steps are lit up in red with the IFA 2015 sign in front. Look at how each smartphone camera manages to capture the IFA 2015 text with very little lighting.


Which of these shots do you think were the best?


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