How To: Return To Stock Firmware On a LG F60

The LG F60

If you have a LG F60 and are an Android power user, chances are you’ve already applied a few custom tweaks and installed a custom ROM or two in you device.  If for some reason, you want to undo these tweaks and return to stock Android, we have a method for you.


Follow along with our guide below to downgrade or flash Stock ROM on LG F60.


Prepare your phone:

  1. Make a backup of all your important apps and data. Flashing stock ROM will erase all the data you have on your phone.
  2. Enable developer options. Go to Settings>About Phone.  Look for Build Number and tap build number 7 times.  Go back to settings, you should now see the developer options there.
  3. Download LG PC Suite here. Install it on the computer.
  4. Download an official Android OS file.

Flash Stock Firmware On An LG F60

  1. Connect your phone to the PC using a data cable.
  2. Run the LG PC Suite that you downloaded and installed onto your computer.
  3. An on-screen tutorial should appear. Follow it then click on the button to begin flashing stock firmware.
  4. The flashing process could take a while, maybe up to 5 minutes. Just be patient.
  5. When flashing finishes, disconnect your phone from the PC.
  6. Reboot the phone.

You should now find that you have stock ROM on your LG F60 phone again.

Great! You’ve just flashed the Stock ROM on your LG F60! With the Stock ROM thus installed, you need not worry about voiding the warranty that came with your device!

In above small and easy guide, we showed you all how to downgrade/flash the Stock ROM on your LG F60.If this guide helped you, make sure to leave a comment below!



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