10 Android Hacks Anyone Can Do

10 Android Hacks Anyone Can Do

You can do Android hacks on your Android device with the help of these 10 easy tips and tweaks.

If you want to try hacking your phone and it’s your first time, this 10 hacking tips will help you out. It is easy and can be done by anyone.

  1. Android Hacks #1: Access Hidden Settings


There is a standard tool that appears in many ROMs. This is what they call the Spare Parts. With the help of this tool, you can have access to Android settings especially those that are hidden. This app allows you to tweak animations, screen brightness, wi-fi sleep policy, and many others. You can also track which apps used up the most energy which can help you manage apps that are draining your battery fast.


  1. Android Hacks #2: Customize Lock Screen


The lock screen is a favorite feature in the Android system. It is the very first thing that users check out. Being able to personalize your lock screen can add a little flavor to your device. WidgetLocker Lockscreen can do just that. It does not require any rooting. You can move sliders, add, remove or adjust them to non-standard functions.



  1. Android Hacks #3: Boost Handset Volume


Some rooted phones or devices lack in volume. But there are apps that can boost the volume higher than the standard settings available on your device. Volume+ has a range of volumes, offer EQ and settings to boost stereo. However, this app should be used with caution because it might damage your speakers as well as your hearing. This app is best used with Cyanogen or MIUI ROMs.



  1. Android Hacks #4: Add Hardware Buttons


Hardware keys are at risk for damage since they are used more frequently. But with the help of the Button Saviour, virtual keys can be added to the display. These keys are hidden but they can be brought out with the help a small trigger found on the screen. There are also themes available in this app so you can customize your options. Button Saviour, however, works on rooted devices only.



  1. Android Hacks #5: Clear More Cache With Root Access


Cache takes up a huge deal of space on your device especially if you have a very limited internal memory. Cache from apps like Twitter and Facebook grow since these apps are used regularly. This will shrink your free spaces. Cache cleaning apps can clear up spaces for you. But CacheMate for Root Users clears out more cache than other apps because it uses root access. It has a free version that has a simple one-click feature while the full version offers more options.



  1. Android Hacks #6: Recover Lost WiFi Passwords


When you have lost WiFi password, you can now recover them with the help of the WiFi Key Recovery. This app can extract passwords which were entered in previously and can use them to instantly connect to network. It does not have the ability to hack passwords, it only recovers previously entered a password to fix the connection.


  1. Android Hacks #7: Play Android Games With PS3 Controller


Android users have found a way to play console games on their device by using emulator apps. However, there is somehow a difficulty in using the touch screen to play compared to using a controller. The Sixaxis Controller is an app to allow you to enjoy playing these old games with the use of a PS3 Sixaxis controller which can be connected to an Android device which has been rooted. This app, though, does not support all Android phones.



  1. Android Hacks #8: Run Tegra Apps On Non-Tegra Devices


The introduction of Tegra devices created uproar in the Android world when it comes to games. Unfortunately, this left out non-Tegra device owners. But there is a good news for that. Users can get the advantage by installing Chainfire 3D on their rooted devices. This program connects your apps and graphic drivers. However, users should keep in mind that this program may not work in other devices.



  1. Android Hacks #9: Install Apps From Non-marketplace


Android Marketplace is a great place to find applications to install to your device. But there are also some alternatives available elsewhere. The only problem is that your Android device may not permit the installation of such apps. To solve this problem, you can go to the Menu > Setting > Applications and choose the box at the Unknown Sources section. This will allow you to install apps from other sources.



  1. Android Hacks #10: Freeze Unwanted Bloatware


Unwanted bloatware can alter your phone and can be annoying. MIUI ROMs, for example, has system apps that become useless when used outside its manufacturing country. Removing these apps can be risky since they were built in the device for some reasons. Bloat Freezer helps you manage this problem. It freezes up apps that are not useful in the system without removing them from the device.


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